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At ShopSquad, we pride ourselves on creating entertaining and effective shopping experiences by pairing brands with hosts that can truly bring a show to life.


Combining unique sales and entertainment expertise, our hosts are experts in product knowledge, creating desire and moments of surprise and delight for the most enjoyable and commercially successful show. 

Lisa Kisber

Lisa Kisber

Lisa specializes in live on-air story telling, production, and advertorial. With experience as a guest, a regular host, and having her own national beauty show on Todays Shopping Choice, she has brought sales to life nationally for almost a decade.


As a resident on air expert for Global’s national Morning Show, and as the producer and host of the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards only red carpet show, she has mastered the art of conveying excitement, entertainment and key messaging.


Her background in law as a corporate attorney at Paul Weiss in New York, her role as CMO for Glossybox Canada, and her penchant for all things digital has fostered Lisa’s passion for telling brand stories in an exacting, efficient and gripping manner.As the official Fashion Blogger for Toronto Fashion week as well as consulting on brand story, digital and on air content for companies such as Tiff, Virgin Radio and CAFA, she has a finger on the pulse of new media, technology, brand messaging and transmedia innovations.

Noëlly Sam

Noëlly Sam is a mission-driven Communicator and Conversationalist with over a decade of combined experience in content creation, blogging, social media, branding and communications for the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industries.


  Some of her most notable accomplishments include hosting a string of Fashion Panels at the MAGIC Show in Las Vegas, developing and implementing the Bentley Bentayga social media launch in Montreal, winning two social media awards for her work as a strategist, and organizing a series of hybrid fashion and lifestyle events in Montreal and New York. 


 Noëlly enjoys listening to podcasts, building genuine connections with like-minded people, reading biographies, personal growth and financial literacy books, running, tennis and baking. Noëlly lives in Montreal with her family, raising two young daughters.

Jasen Kisber

Jasen Kisber

Jasen Kisber is the Managing Director of C3- Crescent Commercial Corporation, which specializes in auctions, liquidations and appraisals of distressed commercial and industrial assets.  Based out of Montreal, Canada, Jasen is the third generation in the business, which has operated for over 80 years.  Jasen has 18 years of experience in appraising inventory and equipment and has been involved in files across a wide range of industries including textiles, construction, logistics, steel fabricating, food processing, and retail.  


Prior to joining C3 in 2004, Jasen was a securities lawyer in New York.  Jasen has a BA from McGill University, a JD from Fordham Law School, and an MBA from Oxford University.  Jasen is a certified auctioneer from the Missouri Auction School and is the past president and current member of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Auctioneers Association (IAA).  


He is also a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) and a member of the Board of Directors of the - Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) and is an AMEA Certified Equipment Appraiser. When he is not corralling his three exuberant children and blending his family, Jasen can be found in the kitchen, in the ring, on the ice, or playing music.

Nick Vescio

Nick is an experienced talent with over 2000 hours hosting live shopping on national television and 10000 hours of live in person product demostrating across the contry. 

His acting roots and conservatory style training enable him to communicate and perform with energy, composure and charm. 

As a sales trainer for the better part of a decade he knows how to get the most out of your product and create a strategy for a successful promotion. 

He's a father, a husband and a friend whose passion for life shines through the screen; engaging customers and entertaining them along the way.

Nick Vescio
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